4 Reasons Your Offer Isn’t Converting

 Today we’re talking about why your offer isn’t converting or why maybe it’s not converting. To be clear, when I say your offer, that could mean your service, membership, course, digital product, and any kind of landing page. Maybe you are hosting a webinar and not as many people are signing up. You created a sales page for your service or course, but no one’s really buying. Either way, the results are not as much as you were hoping or expecting. The reason I want to chat about this today is that I see the same thing come up [...]

13 Pre-Written Emails Every Service Provider Needs

I have been talking a lot about client communication and client experience lately. That's because I think that is one of the #1 contributors to my success. You see, my business has been built mostly on referrals. Up until recently, I’ve definitely been getting more leads through this podcast, social media, and from giving trainings inside mastermind groups, but, for the most part, it’s been repeat business and referrals. I put in a lot of effort to take great care of my clients and communication is the #1 thing. Now, am I perfect? Of course not. I am constantly [...]

The Key Elements for Creating and Delivering a Killer Proposal

Being awesome at what you do is not enough to build a profitable business. As a service provider if you’re providing done-for-you services or consulting, in order for people to see how good you are, first you need to actually get the job, right? And if you wanna get the job, you have to know how to sell yourself. Yes, you have to rock the sales call, but there’s usually one final step before they say yes, and that is sending your proposal. No matter how amazing your sales call was, your proposal and the way you deliver it is [...]

6 Business Tools I Can’t Live Without

 When I first started my copywriting business five years ago, I ran it on just a few basics: Microsoft Word, Wave Apps for invoicing, and HelloSign for contracts. But, as I’ve grown and become a little more sophisticated, I’ve tested out and adopted a few business tools that make my life so much easier. I will say, I am not a huge software/app person. I am tech-adverse, so I’m a huge fan of keeping my business tools very simple and lean. About half of these business tools below are totally free, super easy to use and come with my [...]

Make Over Your Client Experience

You check your email between homeschooling your kids, your morning workout, and see that you’ve got a new lead ... YES! That is the BEST EMAIL EVER for an entrepreneur, right? Awesome … now what? Take a moment and think about what actually happens the minute a potential client expresses interest in working with you. Do you have an auto-reply set up, or do you have to stop everything you’re doing, race to your computer, and write a brand new email response to them, inviting them to take the next step? Speaking of next steps ... do you have clear [...]

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