Your website + powerful,
persuasive copy
= breaking out the good champagne every day

I’ll cheers to that.

Turn your website into your secret weapon.

What do you and a cowboy hat–wearing Luke Perry have in common?

You’ve both got 8 seconds to grab ’em by the horns and make them stick around.

Your website is the one little corner of the internet you have complete control over.

More than Insta. More than Facebook. It’s your brand’s home on the web.

No matter how a potential client hears about you, you can bet they’re going to check out your site. The instant they land on it, they’re scanning with a heart full of hope, looking for the magic words that make them feel like your product, course or service is the answer to whatever’s been keeping them up at night.

But your amazing brand board, photography and design won’t be worth your investment if the words on your site don’t …

  • Communicate exactly what you do and who you do it for
  • Turn casual visitors into subscribers and/or buyers
  • Make you sound completely different from anyone else they might find
  • Make them feel like they’ve found The One

Whether you’re building a new business or you’re getting ready for a rebrand, I’ll be the word stylist you and your website designer need to bring your brand to life online.


“Seeing my website copy makes me feel official! Like I am a real deal business with real deal services. I love that it funnels people to my services at every chance and it sounds like in-person me. I am geeky and quirky, and the copy reflects that.”

Molly Hicks | Founder,

“I was scared. This is probably one of the biggest investments I’ve ever made in my business, but I knew that if I wanted to play big, I needed to invest big. It was way too big of an undertaking for me. It would have taken me a year! By having you do it, the weight of the world was off my shoulders.”

Rebecca Gruenspan | Founder, RG Adoption Consulting

Before I spill the bubbles, let’s talk about who this is really for…
Whether you’re…

A coach or service provider whose business is on the edge of glory. Now you need words that give clients that “this is the one” feeling in their gut, positions you as THE trusted expert in your specialty, and does the heavy lifting of selling for you.

Ready to charge premium prices for your one-on-one services or group coaching programs. You’ve got a proven method or framework and it’s time to share it with the world, so you can scale your business and break free from trading time for dollars.

An entrepreneur, author, speaker, or influencer who’s ready for bigger, better pinch-me-I’m-dreaming media opportunities and collaborations.

You’re in the right place.



Step inside my Copy Cellar and take a behind-the-scenes tour of my proven process.


Gina Moccio

Founder of Babe Crafted

Gina Moccio

“Erika surveyed a handful of my existing members so she could pinpoint what they loved about Babe Crafted and what inspired them to join. This meant the copy was authentic and would attract my Ideal Client. I have easily been able to repurpose it for social media and newsletter content. This saves me time and keeps my brand message on point. My experience was wonderful and I highly recommend working with an expert like Erika to create custom copy for your business!”


Rayla Bailey

Executive Coach and Creator of The Bailey Blueprint

Rayla Bailey

“I’ve had more introduction calls, lots of compliments on the website and I know it’s communicating effectively.”

Nicole Otchy

Personal Stylist for Entrepreneurs

Nicole Otchy

“You stood out from the other copywriters I was looking at online. I felt like you would understand me from listening to how you think on your podcast. I was right and I love that about this experience. You were a great communicator throughout our time working together and I appreciate that. You know how to position people as experts and how to help them stand out by connecting with a prospective client using emotion in your copy.”



The Healthy Pour

Perfect for startup-stage businesses or solopreneurs who want to launch their biz with a bang OR reimagine their current site.

You’ll get:

  • Recommended Site Map & Customer Journey. I’ll help you think through exactly what pages you need based on your customer’s journey.
  • 3 Pages of custom Website Copy you’ll be able to repurpose across ALL of your brand messaging, from your social media channels and sales pages to blog posts, lead magnets, and more.
    • Show-stopping HOME PAGE
    • I love you ABOUT PAGE
    • 1 “Take my credit card” SERVICES/work with me page
  • Intro Copy for up to 1 additional page (think your Contact, Press, and Blog/Podcast pages)
  • High-converting Landing Page Copy plus Opt-in/Pop-up copy for your lead magnet/freebie/opt-in.

Your investment:
Starting at $3,500

4-Week Timeline


The Whole Damn Bottle

Perfect for the solopreneur whose business is blowing up (in a good way) and is ready to take things to a whole new level, charge premium pricing and/or start landing major media and speaking opportunities.

You’ll get:

  • Customer Research & Data Mining. My team and I will interview up to 3 clients for voice of customer data and testimonials. You can use these testimonials throughout your content, from social media posts and sales page copy to emails, proposals, and more.
  • Recommended Site Map & Customer Journey. I’ll help you think through exactly what pages you need based on your customer’s journey.
  • 5+ Pages of Custom Website Copy you’ll be able to repurpose across ALL of your messaging, from your social media channels and sales pages to blog posts, lead magnets, proposals, and more.
    • Show-stopping HOME PAGE
    • Make ‘em love ya ABOUT PAGE
    • “Take my credit card” SERVICES PAGE(s) written with my signature Services Page framework (this page is a good example of one)
  • Intro Copy for up to 2 additional pages (think your Contact, Press, and Blog/Podcast pages).
  • High-converting Landing Page Copy plus Opt-in/Pop-up copy for your lead magnet/freebie/opt-in.

Your investment:
Starting at $5,500

6-Week Timeline

“I just got a new client because of my website! They said they looked around forever and mine was the clear winner. It’s amazing, I ask every client how they found me and many of them are finding me via Google search — then they say they found my site and it “resonated” with them. So they are staying on the site longer, forming a bond, and calling me. They are also matching my ideal client to a ‘T,’ which is huge in a service-based business.”

Paige Schulte


You’ll get your Pre-party Packet via email, which includes access to your personal Client Portal and my in-depth brand questionnaire designed to uncork your secret sauce and brain dump all your genius down on paper.

My team will start gathering Voice of Customer Data via customer interviews. This work is critical to helping us get to the heart of why they hired you and what problems you helped them solve. We’ll use this information to craft testimonials and write copy that sounds exactly like what your ideal customer is thinking.

We’ll also perform some Veronica Mars–level “data mining” by going undercover inside Facebook groups, poring over Amazon reviews, and researching your niche and competition to get to the heart of what your ideal client is really thinking. It’s all about extracting the exact language your ideal clients need to hear in order to say yes to working with you.

As a former newspaper and magazine journalist, getting to the heart of your story is part of my secret sauce. Once you complete my in-depth brand questionnaire, we’ll sit down via Zoom for a 1:1 intense, but casual deep dive session. During this 90-minute session, we’ll get crystal clear on what you want to be known for, how you do what you do, and what makes you unlike anyone else out there.

I’ll get in my zone of genius so you can stay in yours. During the 4-6weeks that I’m working on your copy, you’ll get weekly updates plus a few sneak peeks along the way.

I’ll present your copy via pre-recorded video, so you can pour yourself a glass of your fave beverage, grab your salted caramel popcorn, and view it at your convenience. I’ll talk you through why I chose certain headlines and calls to action, so you’ll know the strategy and thought process behind every carefully chosen, data-driven word I write. It’s kind of like watching the Director’s Commentary version of your favorite movie.