Break out the good champagne, friend.

You’re about to love your brand vibe so much
you’ll wanna marry it.

Writing about yourself is hard.

Like, really hard.

(I get it. Full transparency, this final version of my About Page is one of at least three different drafts I obsessed over.)

That’s why you’re here, looking for someone else to do it for you, right? You’re visiting site after site, asking for referrals in Facebook groups, waiting to feel that “OMG, this is the website copywriter for me” spark.

Well, let’s find out if this is meant to be or a one-time-website-visit fling.

Qs & As

What is this magical place, and why is there so much champagne?

After leaving my 9-5 and experiencing the amazing world that is Being Your Own Boss, I’m a firm believer that building a business and a life you love is worth celebrating every day. I wanted my site to reflect the energy and joy I feel every time I sit down to work.

I also wanted my website — the one little corner of the internet I have complete control over — to feel like me. And if you ask my friends and family to describe me, you’ll no doubt hear that I’m a lover of parties (dinner parties, pajama parties, cocktail parties, impromptu kitchen dance parties to anything by Taylor Swift … you name it). My heart is happy when I’m celebrating life.

What exactly do I do?

As a website copywriter, I help entrepreneurs and personal brands inject heart and humor into their brand messaging, website and email copy. My specialty: writing clear, personality-filled, human-to-human words that inspire the right people to know, love and trust you to the moon and back.

If Oprah asked me to share my story …

first I’d squeal like a crazed Justin Bieber fan. Then, I’d say …

Once upon a time in Tallahassee, I believed with all my college-girl heart that I’d move to New York City and be a real-life Carrie Bradshaw (Manolo Blahnik collection included, duh).

(Spoiler alert: I live in Tampa and the fanciest shoes in my closet are a pair of patent leather Tory Burch heels I found on sale at Nordstrom Rack.)

I may not have that Marie Claire byline (yet), but honestly, my perfectly imperfect journey has been better than I could have imagined.

Over the course of my career (which let’s just say began before Facebook was even a thing), I went from measuring women for bras at Victoria’s Secret to writing obituaries and crime reports for the Tampa Bay Times, to interviewing celebs like ESPN’s Erin Andrews, to writing Mad Men-style copy and content for big brands like eBay, StubHub, Zazzle, Levi’s and Marriott.

Today, as a website copywriter, the heart of my small business is other small businesses and personal brands …

  • the adoption consultant whose website and welcome sequence I recently made over
  • the stationery designer whose bounce rate went from 75% to 25% after I got my hands on her website copy
  • the fine artist who, for the first time since starting her ecommerce gallery, feels like she has fun, fresh copy that reflects her

And hopefully, you.

That is, if you’re a person selling a product or service to another person and you’re willing to have a little fun, trust my proven process and let your personality shine through.

And then (because I’m on Oprah, remember?) I’d stand up and yell, “You get new website copy, you get new website copy. EVERYBODY GETS NEW WEBSITE COPY!!!”

So, if you’re staring (or cursing) at a blank Google doc and dreaming of website and email copy that …

  • Inspires your dream client to buy what you sell
  • Makes them feel like you’ve been besties since the 90210 days
  • Feels effortlessly persuasive, but never pushy
  • Makes your shiny new logo and Pinterest-perfect brand board even more worth it

Then I’m your girl. The email and website copywriter you’ve been wishing for. A fellow entrepreneur who:

  • Helps you pinpoint what’s working (and what’s not) on your website and in your emails
  • Doesn’t do cookie cutter (but really loves cookies, specifically Double Stuf Oreos and Thin Mints)
  • Has written email and website copy for brands like eBay, Zazzle, StubHub and Levi’s

  • Has been trusted by celebrities like ESPN and Dancing With the Stars’ Erin Andrews and Food Network chef Tyler Florence to tell their stories

And above all, I genuinely care about getting your message right — and getting more leads from your website and emails.

Ready to bring more you into your copy?

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