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How To Get Great Testimonials (With Examples)

If you're on my email list you probably know that I am obsessed with the movie “Mean Girls.” One day, I had an idea: What if I took the concept of a Burn Book and flipped it on its head? What if each of us had our very own BRAG book instead? A digital brag book full of awesome things that your clients, students, members, colleagues, and mentors said about you. The beauty of having this digital brag book in your toolbox are...  1) If you're ever having a bad day you can flip through this brag book and get [...]

13 Pre-Written or Canned Email Templates Every Service Provider Needs

APPLE PODCASTS | SPOTIFY My Time-Saving, Client-Experience Elevating Secret ... My business has been built on referrals and repeat business. I think the number one reason for that is not only am I good at copywriting, but I also put a lot of effort into taking good care of my clients. Communication is the number one thing. When there is a lack of communication relationships can turn south or fall through the cracks. I don't love meetings, so I have put a lot of energy and focus into streamlining my client communication process via email and Dubsado. From the time [...]

The 5 Brand Stories Your Business Needs To Be Telling

As a copywriter, the most common questions people ask me are, “What do I write about?”  “What do I say ?”, followed closely by, “I hate talking about myself. Do I have to?” I have a deep love of all things pop culture so my goal for this episode is to help you go from “Clueless” to “She’s All That” when it comes to talking about your business in writing.  In this episode, we are going to talk about the 5 stories you should be telling in your business right now. So you can build the know, like, and trust, [...]

The Ultimate Rebranding Checklist

When you think of “Rebranding,” you think of logos, mood boards, color palettes and a carefully curated selection of fonts. That is 100% a critical part of branding, but I want to make sure you don’t neglect the most important element of your rebrand. It’s actually the foundation of your new brand: it’s your messaging. I’ve worked on a lot of major brands in my day from eBay and StubHub to Sam’s Club and AdventHealth. Almost every brand has a huge brand guide that clearly explains how to use their logo submarks, their name, colors, fonts, etc. Rarely do I [...]

What to Say in Your Welcome Sequence

This is the last of the 4-part Welcome Sequence series. I’m answering the question, “what do you say in your welcome sequence?” As an email copywriter, this is one of the most common questions I get asked. It’s also where most people tend to get stuck in the process. To get unstuck, I’m going to share my 7-email framework. I call it my Happily Ever After Framework because I’m a sucker for a good romantic comedy. I think that this framework will make it easy to understand the goal of each email because remember, one email = one goal, right? [...]

Create a High-Touch Sales Experience Through Automated Emails

Automation is a huge buzzword in the online space no matter what stage of business you’re in. I’m a huge fan of automation. I mean, I’m no techy - ask my husband, I can barely work the TV remotes in our house - but when it comes to my business, bring on Dubsado, ConvertKit, and Later. I have even automated my lunches by setting up a recurring bi-monthly Daily Harvest lunch order. Over the past two years, I’ve automated quite a few things in my business, including, my website lead generation and client onboarding process, AND my email welcome sequence. [...]

How To Lose An Email Subscriber In 10 Days: Common Welcome Sequence Mistakes

Welcome to episode 2 of my series all about Welcome Sequence Wisdom and Wizardry! That’s not the official title of the series, but it rolls off the tongue nicely dontcha think? Now, you may remember that In “How to Lose a Guy in 10 days,” Andie Anderson is an aspiring magazine journalist who is assigned a piece called How to Lose a Guy in 10 days. As part of this experiment, she starts dating a guy, aka Matthew McConaughey and she starts doing all the things women quote “shouldn’t” do when you start dating a guy. Well in my version, [...]

The Secret Sales Weapon Most Service Providers Are Missing

Have you ever started watching a TV show in the middle of a season, without having watched it from the very beginning? It’s confusing, right? Who are these people, what’s their backstory, why is there so much drama, and what is even going on right now? Those first few episodes are important in introducing the main characters, setting up the story, giving you a feel for the plot, and the general vibe of the show. It’s usually during those first 3-5 episodes that you decide whether or not this is going to be your next obsession. That’s how your email [...]

4 Reasons Your Offer Isn’t Converting

 Today we’re talking about why your offer isn’t converting or why maybe it’s not converting. To be clear, when I say your offer, that could mean your service, membership, course, digital product, and any kind of landing page. Maybe you are hosting a webinar and not as many people are signing up. You created a sales page for your service or course, but no one’s really buying. Either way, the results are not as much as you were hoping or expecting. The reason I want to chat about this today is that I see the same thing come up [...]

Daily Routine Makeover: Covid-19 Edition 

If you would have told me 1 year ago that I’d be working in an outside office space 27 minutes from my house, that I would have to get dressed in presentable clothes, get in my car and drive in traffic, I’d have told you there was no way in hell. I’ve been working from home for nearly 6 years and until recently, I have been perfectly happy with that. In fact, working from home has always been my favorite part about having my own business. I save time by not having to drive anywhere. I save money with [...]

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