Today we’re talking about why your offer isn’t converting or why maybe it’s not converting. To be clear, when I say your offer, that could mean your service, membership, course, digital product, and any kind of landing page. Maybe you are hosting a webinar and not as many people are signing up. You created a sales page for your service or course, but no one’s really buying.

Either way, the results are not as much as you were hoping or expecting.

The reason I want to chat about this today is that I see the same thing come up over and over again, where a business owner shares a post, and they’re like,

“Hey, everyone, I’m halfway through my launch and I’ve only had 3 sales or, can you take a look at my sales page or webinar, or website and give me feedback?”


Another common situation I see if, a business owner who is scrambling to create a quiz or a Facebook group, or a challenge as a way to “fix” it.

Tactics like a quiz or challenge or going all-in on Instagram reels may help with traffic, but if your offer is not positioned correctly, you will not see the results. Before you start throwing all of this additional marketing behind something, you need to make sure that you are positioning and presenting the offer the right way.

In a nutshell, it’s likely not your offer. It’s the way you’re communicating your offer.

The good news is, there are actually 4 simple reasons that you are likely not seeing the results you want. And they all revolve around messaging.


  1. Your messaging just isn’t clear.
  2. It’s not clear who this is for.
  3. Your promise or transformation is not specific enough.
  4. You’re not showing a clear path from A-Z

I walk you through these steps by using a recent client, Rayla Bailey, as an example! She is an executive coach for ambitious career professionals in the corporate world. I recently reworked her “Work with me” page for her one on one coaching offering.

Here are some tips I used to help re-work Rayla’s offering:

  • Get clear on what problem you are solving.
  • Describe your ideal client’s symptoms, in a way that resonates with them.
  • Make your promise or transformation specific enough that it stands out from others, and that it helps your ideal client visualize and start to feel the result.
  • Give very specific promises and mini transformations that all fall under the larger promise.
  • Give your clients a proven plan or a system to get them the results you want.
  • Answer how your approach or process is different from everyone else’s.

I hope you took away some golden nuggets for reevaluating what steps you need to take next time you launch, or as you start to rework your current copy. If this is something you are struggling with, send me a message and make sure you’re on my email list. That way you can be the first to know when I start booking clients inside The Copy Salon, which is my new Copy Makeover Service.

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