As a copywriter, the most common questions people ask me are, “What do I write about?”  “What do I say ?”, followed closely by, “I hate talking about myself. Do I have to?”

I have a deep love of all things pop culture so my goal for this episode is to help you go from “Clueless” to “She’s All That” when it comes to talking about your business in writing. 

In this episode, we are going to talk about the 5 stories you should be telling in your business right now. So you can build the know, like, and trust, with your ideal client. Which ultimately creates demand for your service, product, course, or membership.


Let’s start with tried and true formula

A character aka, the hero, has a problem, she meets a guide, who gives her a plan and calls them to action, which results in failure or success.

So from Star Wars to Mean Girls, you will find this formula. Luke Skywalker wants to defeat the death star, Yoda is his  guide. In the movie Mean Girls, Cady Heron is new at north shore, she wants to make friends and fit in, Janice steps in ans becomes her guide, gives her a plan.

As a business owner, your ideal client is the hero. YOU are the guide. It is your job to know what their problem is, give them a plan, and call them to action. So you can help them succeed.

Let me give you an example from my world so you can apply the formula to your business.

As a copywriter, the hero of my story is a business owner. She wants a website and email copy she’s proud of, so she can stand out and be more profitable. That’s the specific problem I’m helping her solve. And I have a simple plan to help her get that result. That is to set up a discovery call and go through my proven process. Then I’ll write her copy and success! She’s attracting her ideal clients. Everything I write on my website, social, or podcast, is in service to help her get that “happily ever after ending.”

You can utilize this formula by using the 5 types of brand stories below to engage your ideal client on your website, email copy, social media- wherever your client is showing up.

5 Types of Brand Stories

  • Origin story, also known as your Back story 

Every superhero and every character has an origin story, right? How did Wonder Woman get her strength? How did Cady Heron end up at North Shore High?

  • Highlight Reel aka Oscar Moments

This is the story of why you’re qualified, why you’re the right guide for the job “on paper” so to speak. 

  • Transformation stories 

Testimonials (aka makeovers, customer stories, case studies). What transformations are you creating?

  • Dear Abby stories

This is the content you use to educate your audience and show your expertise by teaching your audience something. 

  • “Stars, they’re just like us” stories

Of course, you need stories that put you up on a pedestal and position you as this expert … but you also need stories that bring you back down and make you 3 dimensional, relatable and likable human being.

Now, I want to clarify, these are 5 categories of stories you should be telling. Within each category, you will likely have multiple stories. And the beauty is that you will never run out of content!

I will show you how in detail in this special edition episode of Make Over Your Marketing- The 5 Brand Stories Your Should Be Telling Now workshop. Not only will you be able to come up with evergreen content for each story type, but you’ll get expert storytelling tips.

I hope you are feeling like you are “All that” and a bag of salt and vinegar chips when you’re done listening! Drop a comment below to let me know what brand story you gravitated to while listening. Don’t forget to subscribe!