Being awesome at what you do is not enough to build a profitable business. As a service provider if you’re providing done-for-you services or consulting, in order for people to see how good you are, first you need to actually get the job, right?

And if you wanna get the job, you have to know how to sell yourself.

Yes, you have to rock the sales call, but there’s usually one final step before they say yes, and that is sending your proposal.

No matter how amazing your sales call was, your proposal and the way you deliver it is key. It should be the reassurance they need to feel that you are the right service provider for them and that you can deliver a solution to their needs.

More often than not, that proposal is the last thing standing between a yes and a no. And if you’re creating and presenting your proposal the right way, you can drastically increase your close rates.

In this episode, I’m going to talk you through the key elements of a proposal experience everyone should have.

We’ll be talking in detail about…

-The 5 things your proposal should be doing

-Using your secret sauce to play up the key elements of a proposal

-What my first proposals were like versus what they include now

-The follow-up process

I’m going to walk you through the overall structure of my proposals and you’ll realize, it’s almost like a mini sales page. I always remember the following proposal key elements when I’m building out a potential new client proposal!

Key Elements of a Proposal

  • Restate the problem you’re helping them solve
  • Sprinkle in your street cred, but tailor it to why they care
  • Outline your process into 3 steps
  • Sprinkle in relevant testimonials
  • Include the BENEFITS, not just features, in your scope of work
  • Always, always have an expiration date
  • Keep that GOOD energy alive!

Of course, if you want to see an actual proposal with all the key elements plus steal my follow-ups and exact verbiage, you can head to

Once you have your proposal process dialed in, it is going to save you time and help you convey a higher sense of professionalism. That way, you can close more sales and ultimately raise your prices. It’s kind of like a first impression of what it’s going to be like working with you.

I’d love to know what your top takeaway was, so let me know below what proposal tips you’ve got up your sleeve.

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