I have been talking a lot about client communication and client experience lately. That’s because I think that is one of the #1 contributors to my success. You see, my business has been built mostly on referrals. Up until recently, I’ve definitely been getting more leads through this podcast, social media, and from giving trainings inside mastermind groups, but, for the most part, it’s been repeat business and referrals. I put in a lot of effort to take great care of my clients and communication is the #1 thing.

Now, am I perfect? Of course not. I am constantly working to make it better. One of the ways I reclaim my time without sacrificing the client experience is by using my Top Shelf Templates. In this episode, we are chatting about 13 pre-written emails you should have in your business if you’re a service provider.

The Pros for Pre-Written Emails:

  1. They treat your prospects and clients like rock stars
  2. You can spend less time in your inbox rewriting the same emails and more time in your zone of genius
  3. Having email templates allows you to deliver a higher, more personalized level of service
  4. Shows potential and current clients that you’re a professional who understands how to create a seamless, effortless experience

The secret to creating emails you can use over and over again is just a matter of finding the right balance. There will be some emails that can be 100% the same for every single client. There are some that will have the same beginning and end, with a little touch of personalization in the middle. Here are some of the top tips in transforming a standard canned email to show your brand’s personality and close your dream client.

My Top Tips for Putting Your Sauce on Canned Emails:

  1. Start by writing them to an actual person versus thinking, “I’m going to write a bunch of templates”
  2. Express gratitude, genuine excitement, and a clear next step
  3. Use a scheduler to book Discovery Calls
  4. When you’re asking someone to say yes to your proposal, you better bring it like Andrew Lincoln in “Love Actually”
  5. Craft a non-automated email that gets your client excited to put down that deposit
  6. Have a pre-written reply that honors your boundaries
  7. Write a pre-written testimonial request to send after your project wraps up
  8. Keeping in touch with intention is a strategic way to elevate your customer service
  9. Block off a few days to map out every detail of your client workflow
  10. Grab my PDF, which outlines all of the emails I mentioned at www.erikaholmes.com/checklist
  11. Save yourself the time and grab my Top-Shelf Client Experience Email Template Bundle which has all 13 of these templates pre-written for you

I would love to know, did I miss any emails that you have in your workflow? What other communication points do you have that I maybe didn’t cover? Let me know, send me a DM on Instagram. As always, don’t forget to subscribe!


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