“It’s not about you, it’s about them.”

As a business owner, you’ve probably heard this over and over.

But how do you actually DO IT?

In today’s blog post, I’m breaking down my latest About Page spotlight. Steal these tips to give your own About Page a serious makeover.


  1. Headline isn’t about her — it’s about what the ideal client wants for that “oooh, tell me more” vibe that makes them want to keep scrolling.
  2. Just tell them!!! The first paragraph clearly states exactly who she helps and what she does. Don’t make the reader scroll for miles to figure this out. Notice that she’s positioning everything she does as a benefit to her clients. She talks about the outcome, NOT her process.
  3. Ohhh, daaamn!! The next paragraphs show serious street cred. It’s about her, but it’s also meant to impress clients and establish her authority. I mean, Disney and ESPN? Where do I sign up? If you’re ever going to drop a humble brag, your About Page is 100% the place to do it.

PLUS, take special notice of the “10 things about me” section, where we intentionally sneak in a few tidbits that seem fun on the surface, but are actually meant to get the reader one step closer to trusting and loving Mary.

And the kicker? A clear call to action that says, here’s how we can get started.

Now it’s your turn

When you sit down to write your own About Page, ask yourself:

  1. What does your ideal client want MOST as it relates to what you do?
  2. What are your top 3-5 most impressive credentials or qualifications? Have you worked with big brands? Achieved CRAZY-GOOD numbers, ROI or stats for yourself or your clients?
  3. What elements of your personality or your story are somewhat relevant or can complement what you do, and how can you bring them in to make it more relatable and fun, but still create connection?

The key to making an about page that’s about them, but also about you, is looking at everything you write down through your ideal client’s eyes. 

Will they care? Will it make them say, “Oh, OK, this person MUST know what they’re doing” or “OMG, I do this too!”

Does it move them one step closer to opting in to your list, following you on Insta, or booking a call?

Lastly, make sure you tell them where to go next, whether it’s booking a call, checking out your services, or signing up for your awesome lead magnet.

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