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How To Get Great Testimonials (With Examples)

If you're on my email list you probably know that I am obsessed with the movie “Mean Girls.” One day, I had an idea: What if I took the concept of a Burn Book and flipped it on its head? What if each of us had our very own BRAG book instead? A digital brag book full of awesome things that your clients, students, members, colleagues, and mentors said about you. The beauty of having this digital brag book in your toolbox are...  1) If you're ever having a bad day you can flip through this brag book and get [...]

The 5 Brand Stories Your Business Needs To Be Telling

As a copywriter, the most common questions people ask me are, “What do I write about?”  “What do I say ?”, followed closely by, “I hate talking about myself. Do I have to?” I have a deep love of all things pop culture so my goal for this episode is to help you go from “Clueless” to “She’s All That” when it comes to talking about your business in writing.  In this episode, we are going to talk about the 5 stories you should be telling in your business right now. So you can build the know, like, and trust, [...]

What to Say in Your Welcome Sequence

This is the last of the 4-part Welcome Sequence series. I’m answering the question, “what do you say in your welcome sequence?” As an email copywriter, this is one of the most common questions I get asked. It’s also where most people tend to get stuck in the process. To get unstuck, I’m going to share my 7-email framework. I call it my Happily Ever After Framework because I’m a sucker for a good romantic comedy. I think that this framework will make it easy to understand the goal of each email because remember, one email = one goal, right? [...]

Create a High-Touch Sales Experience Through Automated Emails

Automation is a huge buzzword in the online space no matter what stage of business you’re in. I’m a huge fan of automation. I mean, I’m no techy - ask my husband, I can barely work the TV remotes in our house - but when it comes to my business, bring on Dubsado, ConvertKit, and Later. I have even automated my lunches by setting up a recurring bi-monthly Daily Harvest lunch order. Over the past two years, I’ve automated quite a few things in my business, including, my website lead generation and client onboarding process, AND my email welcome sequence. [...]

How To Lose An Email Subscriber In 10 Days: Common Welcome Sequence Mistakes

Welcome to episode 2 of my series all about Welcome Sequence Wisdom and Wizardry! That’s not the official title of the series, but it rolls off the tongue nicely dontcha think? Now, you may remember that In “How to Lose a Guy in 10 days,” Andie Anderson is an aspiring magazine journalist who is assigned a piece called How to Lose a Guy in 10 days. As part of this experiment, she starts dating a guy, aka Matthew McConaughey and she starts doing all the things women quote “shouldn’t” do when you start dating a guy. Well in my version, [...]

The Secret Sales Weapon Most Service Providers Are Missing

Have you ever started watching a TV show in the middle of a season, without having watched it from the very beginning? It’s confusing, right? Who are these people, what’s their backstory, why is there so much drama, and what is even going on right now? Those first few episodes are important in introducing the main characters, setting up the story, giving you a feel for the plot, and the general vibe of the show. It’s usually during those first 3-5 episodes that you decide whether or not this is going to be your next obsession. That’s how your email [...]

6 Business Tools I Can’t Live Without

 When I first started my copywriting business five years ago, I ran it on just a few basics: Microsoft Word, Wave Apps for invoicing, and HelloSign for contracts. But, as I’ve grown and become a little more sophisticated, I’ve tested out and adopted a few business tools that make my life so much easier. I will say, I am not a huge software/app person. I am tech-adverse, so I’m a huge fan of keeping my business tools very simple and lean. About half of these business tools below are totally free, super easy to use and come with my [...]

Create Your Brag Book: How to get Super “Grool” Testimonials

Truth time. Not all Kate Hudson-Matthew McConaughey movies are created equal (I’m lookin’ at you, Fool’s Gold). And neither are all testimonials. Glowing emails and love notes from clients work wonders on your ego (I actually keep a little file of these that I can go through when I need a little pick-me-up). But a few sentences about how awesome you are don’t necessarily add up to a great testimonial that will inspire your website visitors to take action. WHY TESTIMONIALS MATTER First, let’s quickly recap a few reasons why the right testimonials can make your website visitors feel that [...]

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