Copy Salon

Remind me how much copy you can make over during this service. What are my options again?

If you choose Option 1, The Glamour Shot, in 5 days, I can work some serious magic on your choice of: A sales page for your course, service, membership, or digital product Up to 3 pages of your website (like your Home, About, and Services/Work With Me pages) Your opt-in landing page and welcome email sequence (up to 7 emails) A show-up/post-webinar email sequence (up to 12 emails) A webinar registration page and promo sequence (up to 10 emails) That evergreen funnel you’ve been tweaking forever If you go with Option 2 (The Blowout), I’ll review your copy, make detailed [...]

How “extreme” will The Glamour Shot makeover be? Is there a limit to how long each piece of copy should be?

This isn’t like that time in high school when you paid $300 for highlights and no one noticed. You’ll see the difference right away. While I probably won’t rework every single line, paragraph, or headline, you’ll see and feel a refreshed copy experience infused with a distinct energy that inspires action. If I take a look at your copy and I don’t have complete confidence that I can improve your copy enough to make a significant impact, I’ll let you know during Step 1 and we won’t go any further.  In 5 days, I can punch up 3 website pages, [...]

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